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About us

We are family owned & operated

La Amatista is a family-owned business rooted in our Uruguayan-American heritage, dedicated to sharing the world-class beauty of Uruguayan amethysts with the world. Our journey began from a deep appreciation for the natural splendor of Latin America and a commitment to ethical practices that respect both the environment and the local communities. Uruguay’s conscientious approach to mineral sourcing resonates with our values, and we proudly adhere to these standards by direct sourcing. This allows us to personally know the miners and understand the mining process firsthand, ensuring that every stone we offer not only captivates with its beauty but also embodies the respect and integrity with which it was extracted. Our clients trust our expertise and commitment to ethical sourcing, which has enabled us to expand our relationships to include small cooperatives in other countries that also align with our values and mission. At La Amatista, we bridge the gap between the mystical allure of Uruguayan amethysts and the conscientious consumer, fostering a more sustainable and respectful engagement with our planet’s precious resources.

We are honored to bring each hand picked piece to you.

"alone we can do so little but together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Our Mission

To illuminate the path to sustainability in the mineral sourcing industry, inspired by the profound beauty and energy of crystals, while actively supporting the communities and artisans in the regions where our minerals are sourced. We strive to create a positive impact on both the environment and local economies through ethical practices and responsible stewardship.


Experience the true essence of amethyst with ethically sourced stones, directly supporting the skilled local artisans who craft our jewelry and preserving the environment in the process. When you purchase from us, you can trust that each piece is verified at its origin, ensuring integrity and authenticity every step of the way.


Many stone importers outsource jewelry production to other countries, which undermines local artisans and harms the environment. By keeping production local, we support artisans who have a deep connection to these stones and reduce our environmental impact.


Join Our Exclusive Sourcing Trip to Artigas, Uruguay!

Embark on a weeklong adventure with La Amatista, exploring the heart of the amethyst mines in Artigas, Uruguay. Currently, you can join our waiting list.

Our Values

Sustainability: We commit to environmentally responsible

methods of sourcing, utilizing and promoting practices that

preserve our planet for future generations.

Transparency: We believe in honest communication about where

and how our crystals are sourced, fostering trust and integrity

in every transaction.

Community: La Amatista is dedicated to creating a supportive network that educates and inspires individuals about the

benefits and beauty of ethically sourced crystals.

Innovation: Continuously seeking innovative approaches

to reduce our environmental footprint and enhance

the energetic qualities of our crystals.

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